Reading Response of Chapter 1: the Columbia History of American Televison

Topics: Radio, Vacuum tube, Television Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: March 22, 2013
The reading outlines the idea that Sarnoff was responsible for the wide spread popularity of television. As leader of RCA, he saw the potential of television on America and the economic boost it would give to RCA. He dedicated a lot of time and money to producing and selling Television to America. In his search for wealth, Sarnoff provided another way to connect people around the world, and it was through the television. Sarnoff worked hard to get where he was in RCA. Although at first he was just a hard working boy that never overlooked doing the work given to him, he eventually got picked up by a man named Guglielmo Marconi, head of the American Maroni Company. For a while Sarnoff worked and got mentored by Marconi, up until WWI when Marconi joined with GE along with four other partners, and founded RCA. The new corporation now held over two thousand electronic patents and developed a monopoly in the electronics business. This allowed them to control both radio and television through legal arrangements of selling patent uses to the true inventors or through patent lawsuits. He worked his way to the top of RCA and did what he had to do to keep his wealth and control of all these patents. He pushed television forward and funded its creation. Though he was not an engineer, he funded the creation of television and marketed it across America, the example being the world fair in 1939. Along with countless other press conferences televised. Though he didn’t sell the amount of televisions he thought he would that year. He sparked the flames for television and helped it grow. Now most homes have a television of some kind or watch television on a electronic device. What would have happened if Sarnoff had never been interested in television, would it be as popular as it is today?
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