Herbert Hoover Essay

Topics: Great Depression, Wall Street Crash of 1929, Herbert Hoover Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Jamie Weissler

1. Vladimir Zworkykin demonstrates the first practical television- Vladimir Zworykin was a American Russian who invented and pioneered the television technology. He worked on the transmission and reciving of cathodes through a series of tubes.

2. National Origins Immigration Act- This act also known as the Johnson reed act included the National Origins act and the Asian exclusion act was an act, which limited the amount of people who could immigrant to the United States annually.

3. Agricultural Marketing Act- This was the act, which was an attempt by Hoover to stop the spiraling fall of crop prices. He sought to buy agricultural surpluses.

4. Beginning of the Great Depression (causes)- Stock Market Crash of 1929, Bank Failures, Reduction in Purchasing Across the Board, American Economic Policy with Europe, Drought Conditions.

5. Young Plan- The Young Plan was a settlement for German War Reparations after World War 1. It was adopted in 1930. Because of this plan Germany had to pay 8 Billion dollars in reparations.

6. Hoover Moratorium: This was a statement made by president Herbert Hoover stating that he would postpone German war Reparations.

7. Hawley-Smoot Tariff- This was a tariff which raised taxes up to 60 %. It is the believed cause of the depression.                
8. London Naval Conference- This was a meeting between the 5 major naval power to limit their abilities.

9. Hoover Moratorium on War Debts- This was a statement made by president Herbert Hoover stating that he would postpone German war Reparations.               
10. Scottsboro Affair- This was the affair which surrounded the Scottsboro Boys who were accused of rape. This set a landmark of legal cases because of the racism which surrounded this case.


Herbert Hoover was a big business man when he took the presidential administration. Unfortunately for him, his financial guidelines will go down in history as bad because of enough...
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