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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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Reading from the internet has grown over the past decade significantly. It has provided people with access and opportunities to reading that would not have been available otherwise. This, however, has some positive as well as negative effects to it. This essay will discuss the cause and effect to reading from the internet. Body

Reading can help people use their time to gain extra knowledge and learn new things more effectively. The unlimited access to various sources the internet provides has made reading easier than ever. Nowadays, traditional sources of reading materials such newspapers, magazines, books, etc have become readily available over the internet which has increased the accessibility to such materials regardless of the reader’s geographic location or time zone. Furthermore, most of these sources are available for free which provides an economically feasible way for people to read more. Moreover, the internet has become an integral part of people’s life and this has made reading even more easier as people are exposed to more materials on a daily basis. However, this phenomenon has brought positive and negative effects with it. On the positive side, learning has become easier and people now are more aware than ever. Knowledge has become readily available and knowledge seekers can learn just by clicking on their mice. It has also brought an advantage to save the environment as less trees are being killed to make printable papers on which books and news papers are printed. On the negative side, reading from the internet might cause some sort of addiction. Many people who are used to reading from the internet are known to develop some sort of addiction to the internet and spend several hours behind the computer screens. This has a social cost as people become less sociable and spend less time with the real world around them. Conclusion

Reading from the internet has definitively brought some golden opportunities to people. However, this has...
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