Reading for Understanding the Last Samurai and Flying

Topics: Samurai, The Last Samurai, Boshin War Pages: 3 (918 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Reading for Understanding/ Response
The movie “The Last Samurai” is about a broken man who goes to Japan to train the army. During an attack from the samurai warriors Algren shows courage and the will to fight. He’s brought to the samurai leader Ausomoto as a prisoner. Over time he learns the way of the samurai and aids his new found friends to fight against the empire. Concerning the meaning of this story, looking at the guiding question “What makes us who we are?” this story has to do with what you believe and the actions you take towards these beliefs make you who you are. This conversation between Higen and Algren “‘Will you fight the white men, too?’ to which Algren replied ‘If they come here, yes.’ ‘Why?’ Higen asked. ‘Because they come to destroy what I have come to love.’ Algren explained.” (The Last Samurai) shows this meaning a lot. Algren was a heavy drinker regretting what he had done to the Indians. However in this new found land he finds his true self. He originally went to kill the samurais but has become one as he learnt the way of the sword. Now he is going to stand for his beliefs that define him as a samurai. This story is more suited for a teenage, older male audience. There is a lot of blood and violence but can be just as suitable for a female due to the rich story line.

Although the short story “Flying” by Margo McLoughlin is very different they have the same meaning. The story is about a girl name Jessie who is being forced by ground walkers to conform and forget her old ways of flying. “Flying is no longer a choice, a pleasure, an astonishing gift. It is a crime.” (McLoughlin, page 1) this quote demonstrates how intensely flyers were being forced to become ground walkers. Nevertheless she stands up for what she believes in and takes to the sky as comes natural to her. The audience that this story is most suited for are preteens or teens since it teaches us from a young age that we can’t let others tell us who we are and how we should...
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