Should All Quiet on the Western Front Be Taught in School?

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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Should All Quiet on the Western Front Be Taught In School?

War is hard. Losing family members isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Not knowing what could have been of them in the real world out of war. Having to learn about these things is hard, but I believe that it is something that we should learn. Learning about all these things teaches about the way that war messes with your mind. It makes you think of the things in ways you shouldn’t think of them. It teaches us what we would have to go through if we were stuck in war. Not knowing any of these things can make us do things that later on in life we would regret.

As people live through life they don’t think of what could have been of the people that went to war. In the early 1900’s World War One started which caused a great amount of people to go in to war. The ones who were barely starting their lives and the ones whom already had a life. For the ones that were barely starting there lives, they didn’t have much to go back to they had mom, dad and maybe a sibling or two. For the ones that had lives already they had to go home to a wife and children whom they them selves maybe have to support. Learning about each generation of these men is interesting. First there is the main character. He is the young teenager that only has mom and dad. Then there is the character that has a family back home to take care of. His wife and probably his children. It’s hard having to learn about these things but at the same time I think it’s good because it teaches what we should value in life.

Living around a person that was in war might be difficult. Maybe because we don’t understand what is going on with their minds. We think that it might go away fast but when we read All Quiet we understand that the men in the war go through a lot. We read how Paul’s psyche gets messed up by having to go through the war. He thinks the opposite way than he should. The wrong things he things of the as any simple thing. And the...
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