Reading Comehension

Topics: Learning, Education, Educational psychology Pages: 3 (837 words) Published: April 26, 2013
What is reading comprehension and how is it applied to daily living? Reading is define as understanding written word. Comprehension is defined as the level of understanding through reading and understanding what is been said. The understanding comes from the interaction between the words that are been written and how they trigger the sensors in the brain. Sometime children have different ways of learning how to read and how to comprehend. Whenever this happen some children are looked at as having learning disabilities where it is said that they learn much slower and different than others.

All students can learn no child is better than the other one. Reading is the dominant medium through which educator conduct lessons or students acquire information. Therefore, reading performance needs to be a primary concern in both regular and special education. (Crawley, Miller, & Carr, 1990) For many students with disabilities, reading is often a challenge that they encounter throughout their educational experiences. Since reading is an essential part of a student life, it is extra important for educators to find productive means of instructing their students with disabilities on reading skills. (Ciampa, K. 2004) Reading is a challenge and some time they can read some things and still not understand what is been said. Alsamadaini did a research on the effect of the 3, 2, 1 Reading Strategy on English as a foreign language the research that was done divided into two groups one been the experimental group and the control group. Studies of both groups took the reading comprehension test at the beginning of the 2010 academic year. The experimental group got trained for six weeks oppose to the control class been trained. This study was a great teaching for many. It showed that when taught this is a process of learning and conception but if there isn’t no teaching them the knowledge that is gain isn’t the knowledge that is needed to pass the course that is placed....
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