Do Language Arts Intervention Programs Increase Student Achievement?

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  • Published : March 1, 2011
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Do Language Arts Intervention Programs Increase Student Achievement on Language Arts Standardized Tests?

Work Cited
Fisher, Douglas, Ivey, Gay (2006). Evaluating the interventions for struggling adolescent readers. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 50(3).

Shippen, et al. (2005). A Comparison of Two Direct Instruction Reading Programs for Urban Middle School Students. Remedial and Special Education. 26(3), 177-182.

The purpose of this article is to determine whether or not language arts intervention programs increase student achievement. My results were based on analyzing standardized test scores of basic and below students in sixth through eighth grade.

Students who do not meet greet level standards are given the opportunity to participate in intervention classes that remediate skills are essential for academic success. The goals of the intervention programs are to provide extra support for students to become proficient in reading. The question is not whether these programs provide the much-needed support, but whether students are making substantial gains in the subject area of our focus, Language Arts. An article in the Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy (November, 2006) stated that the United States Department of Education reports that more than 8 million students in grades 4-12 are struggling readers and National Assessment of Educational Progress data from 2002 indicate that 33% of the 8th grade students and 36% of the 12th grade students who were tested performed at or above a “proficient” level. One teacher is responsible for 150-200 students on a daily basis. It is extremely difficult for teachers to meet the needs of poor readers. Intense, direct, and explicit instruction in reading is critical to close the achievement gap (Shippen, et al., 2005). Poor readers may know the skills and strategies that are essential for becoming a good reader, but do know how or when to apply them. A study...
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