Reaction Paper on Nokia Case in Relation to Organizational Develoment

Topics: Mobile phone, Change, Communication Pages: 2 (751 words) Published: August 23, 2012
As what been elaborated, Organizational Development is about Change. Organizational development exists because of the unpreventable changes. Many and most of the companies were able to survive the business world in spite of deliberate changes because they were able to acquire OD on the right time and the right place. But there are some which overlook the capacity of taking OD to be able to increase their work performance. Being engaged in Organizational Development does not only focus literally on change. There are ways or processes that were established to be able to implement the said development. There are interventions that are of great help to the company to manage and respond to the changes within the organization.

One interesting case that was discussed by the class on the previous meeting was the situation of the Nokia. Specifically, it was about the Nokia’s proposed organizational change which is the Nokia’s Booster Programme, an online community for the employees of the corporation to have an open communication from the rank-and-file employees up to the management. On my own understanding, their aim was to respond and meet the customer changing needs through the use of effective communication within its people. So from having a typical communication process, wherein there are boundaries from the lower level employees to the management, they were able to upgrade the communication process through the use of the online system. So basically, they use the techno-structural intervention.

In the case of Nokia as indicated in the case study, the company engaged in restructuring and reorganizing their business units in order to focus on the changing customer demands. With this situation it can be easily identified that techno-structural intervention took place. Aside from that, their work-design in terms of their communication also enters into change. These changes brought to nokia a somehow positive results like, the communication within the company become...
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