Reaction Paper on African Short Stories

Topics: South Africa, Black people, White people Pages: 2 (776 words) Published: December 4, 2010
Reaction Paper 3:

South Africa is one on the most controversial countries in the world. It is located in the southern part, at the bottom of the continent of Africa as its name indicates. The country is known to shelter a diversity of languages and cultures. The country went through many violent events opposing the white minority dominating over all other races. Fortunately, a man named Nelson Mandela will change the course of history and impact Africa and the world in a great way. The role of this paper will be to reflect on the socio cultural and economic conditions of folks in South Africa by establishing the thread they all seem to have in common, to elaborate on the context that makes these conditions possible and in the end, we will try to suggest some solutions to these problems. In our study of the South Africans folks, we will use three important stories related to South Africa. These stories can be found in the book African Short Stories, edited by Chinua Achebe. Chinua Achebe is regarded as one of the most influential writers in African literature and all over the world. His trilogy of books about Nigeria and Africa are read all over the world and translated in many languages. He put together a number of stories related to Africa in a little book. These stories for the most part are talking about issues in life and particularly in Africa. The stories that we will use here are therefore related to South Africa. Theses stories are the bridegroom written by Nadine Gordimer, the coffee cart girl written by Ezekiel Mphalele and reflections in a cell put together by Mafika Gwala. All these stories are all reflecting one common thing, the conditions of life of black people in South Africa. The stories generally reflect the effects that apartheid had on the population of South Africa. It is important to clarify what the word apartheid refers to. Apartheid was a system in which racial segregation was the cornerstone and was encouraged and established by...
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