Reaction Paper: Information Technology Seminar

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The seminar conducted last October 6, 2012 was indeed a great help to us, IT students. To be part of it is a big advantage to us. Trough the seminar we were able to know the important factors that an IT student should be aware especially in the real world of IT.

Honestly, we were so fortunate that the speakers are very good and well experienced. Had it not been because of them we were able to enlighten ourselves of the profession that we choose today.
It was Mr. Nonito Bano, the first speakers with his expertise tackle about the “The Core Principles of Software Engineering”. During the seminar, Mr. Bano explained to us that having IT as our course is a big benefit knowing that technology is always advancing and the expertise of IT professionals will be a necessity. He even ask us, who wants to be a software engineer someday? Unluckily, only one answered “yes”. The said seminar benefited not just our skills in programming but as well as our self confidence in making the outline of our profession.

Search Engine Optimization. This was the highlight of Mr. Jun Barangan, our second speaker. This time it was about improving our skills in web design. In just a short time we were able to refresh ourselves in the area of designing a web and he encouraged us to be vigilant on how we design a web. The thing that catched my mind was when he said “make is simple and clear”. That man gave us his key idea of how to develop an effective web. We were so privileged to have met this person and learned so much from him. We were even amazed of the profit that an IT professional could have if he uses his skills effectively.

Interview. This word is the first thing that pops into our minds when applying for a job. Through her proficiency, Ms. Joey Auxillo open our minds that interview is the thing that we should not be afraid of. This woman is indeed an amazing professional. With her previous job as an HR, she explained that...
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