IT Workforce Trends and Implications for IS Programs

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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IT workforce trends- implications for IS programsSummary -

The article “IT workforce trends: implications for IS programs“ has shown the research, which helps us understand current and future staffing needs, and the IT skills and capabilities desired in internal IT departments and by IT service providers. The article as well as conducts the study in an IT workforce study support the emphasis of business content by IS curriculum guidelines of schools. Business domain and project management skills are critical to keep in house while technical skills were cited as the top skills sourced. Project management and business domain skills are considered to keep in house while technical skills are cited as the one of the most important skills sourced within an organization. The author has also mentioned that IS programs should have offered a functionally integrated curriculum and delivers it in an experiential business context. In the article, there are many given examples of innovative pedagogical approaches and industry alliances that would provide students with a stronger business orientation in applying IT to the real business world. They have described what skills should be provided to those students who will work in the IT related job of non-IT organizations; such as, health care, financial services, and any client firms of IT service providers. The research of finding of the IT workforce has mentioned two major findings; the first one dispels the myth of catastrophic IT job loss. The number of IT jobs in non-IT organizations is to remain stable in the past few years. There would be an increase in the use of third-party providers. The finding shows that offshoring will increase but through third-party providers. Another finding is that IT departments believe their IT skills need to be critical to retain in-house, given their ability to purchase services in the market place; these skills are related to business domain knowledge, project management, and...
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