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Topics: Food, Nutrition, Malnutrition Pages: 7 (1768 words) Published: October 15, 2011
Polangui, Albay
SY: 2011-2012

Guidelines for Selective Feeding Programmes in Emergency Situations

A Research Paper
Presented to
Polangui Community College
Polangui, Albay

In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for the Degree

Marianne R. Reodique


The researcher of the “Guidelines for Selective Feeding Programmes in Emergency Situations” would like to extend her gratitude to those in one way as another made this research paper possible.

To Dr. Sancita Penarubia, President of Community College, Principal ofPolangui General Comprehensive High School.

Mrs. Ma. Amelia B. Masindo, Dean of HRM, instructors, fellow students for their generous contribution of the accomplishment of this work.

To my family, my parents for unending support and guidance.

To God, whose mercy and divine assistance is always there to guide in our way to right decision and giving wisdom to pursue our education.


In emergency situations, WFP and UNHCR try to ensure that the food needs of the population are met through the provision of an adequate general ration. However, in certain situations there may be a need to provide additional food for a period of time, to specific groups who are already malnourished and/or are at risk of becoming malnourished. These interventions have to be seen in the context of a general ration being distributed. The impact of Selective Feeding Programmes aimed at compensating for inadequate general rations has proven very limited and not cost-effective. Thus to be effective, the extra ration must be additional to, and not a substitute for, the general ration. National health authorities and NGOs have an important role to play in nutritional interventions. In emergency situations NGOs usually organise and implement Selective Feeding Programmes. They form an integral part of the efforts to prevent and treat malnutrition among young children, women and other at-risk groups. Selective Feeding Programmes should have clear objectives and criteria, defined from the beginning, for opening, admission, discharge and closure. In order to be effective, Selective Feeding Programmes need to be integrated into Community Health Programmes, which offer health and nutrition services like Safe Motherhood, immunisations, nutrition and health education and growth monitoring. Integration facilitates referrals between services and the phasing out of Selective Feeding Programmes.


1. What are the purpose of these guidelines?

2. What are the factors influence nutritional status?

3. What are the two mechanisms through which food may be provided?

4. What are the two forms of Selective Feeding Programmes?

5. What are the two types of Selective Feeding Programmes?

6. What are the advantages of dry ration?

7. What are the learning guide on Guidelines for Selective Feeding Programmes in Emergency Situations?


The purpose of these guidelines are intended to provide guidance to WFP and UNHCR and other relief staff in the design, implementation and monitoring of Selective Feeding Programmes in both emergencies and protracted relief situations. The nutrition strategies addressed in these guidelines are to enable an effective response and nutrition rehabilitation.


Care in Nutrition- refers to the practices of the care givers in the household which translates food security and health care into rehabilitation, growth and development. These practices include care for women, breast-feeding, infant feeding, psycho-social care, sanitation and hygiene practices, food processing and preparation, and home health practices.

On-site feeding or Dry Ration- refers to the daily distribution of cooked food/meals at feeding centers. The number of...
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