English Ib Group 1 Comparison

Topics: Third World, First World, Second World Pages: 3 (1104 words) Published: April 20, 2013

The two given texts share the theme water and the perception thereof. Predominantly, the discussion ensuing the reading of the two quite polar articles concerns first and third world problems.

The first text is an article written for ‘the Observer Food Monthly’ in 2003 by William Leith and has the title ‘Give me an Eau’. The second is an information sheet adapted from UNICEF, written in the same year.

The article written by Mr Leith has many compelling factors, the first being its aimed audience. Being written for a foods magazine, it is directed at food lovers, chefs and gourmands. Furthermore, the way it is written (the irony, humour and puns) reflects an entertaining tint that suggests it is not meant to be taken seriously. However, on the second glance, one would notice that though the writing style is witty, there are thoughtful, critical points being made leading one to believe it s really an article critically viewing our appreciation of the subject at hand- water. Content-wise, the text depicts the author’s meeting with the head sommelier of an up-scale restaurant where he does a sort of water tasting. Interestingly, there are two sides to his criticisms. First, his view that the goal of a water enthusiast is to find a water that tastes of the least- seen as the water best in quality- and secondly the economic repercussions and consequences of this newfound phenomenon. This complex subject means the register is especially important. Yet there are many facets, even here. On one side you have the head Sommelier Holmes’ flowery language; who uses jargon habitually associated with wines (“quite soft, very rounded” line 18) and Leith’s obvious economic savvy (“The fastest growing drink on the market” line 4, “the market has gone global” line13) juxtaposed with his drop in register when describing the actual water (“…of the stuff” line 15). This familiar language seems to be a sort of Freudian slip of the author, revealing his lowly...
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