Reaction Paper About Corruption

Topics: Political corruption, Single person, Corruption Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: October 11, 2012
According to the Miriam- Webster dictionary, the word corruption means "impairment of integrity, virtue, or moral principle”, the word is a noun that dates to the 14th century and is related to the notions of decay and depravity while graft s defined as a use of public stature to gain illegal benefit. According to a World Bank study in 2008, corruption in the Philippines is considered to be the worst among East Asia’s leading economies and the country has sunk even lower among those seen to be lagging in governance reforms. In the movie that we watched, I was shocked on how graft and corruption operates in our government, it is like a cancer that is slowly killing us but having no cure for it. When Sir Atienza told us that that corruption is present in the government and to show a proof for his statement he will show us a movie about it. Back to the movie, government officials have different tactics in order to steal money that should be used for their said projects. One example of their tactics is price fixing, they will say that a specific item will cost higher from its usual price. Imagining that a single brick is worth 2 pesos but then corrupt officials will make it look that a single piece of brick will then cost 5 pesos each. Just by looking at it may lead us to see it as that they will not benefit a lot because they will only earn 3 pesos per brick but look again and analyze it, how many bricks will be used to finish their infrastructure project? They can earn millions of millions for every project and how much more can they earn in all of their projects. It is very disappointing that there are times when I think that you cannot trust any person in the government because I see them as corrupts. Spending too much money in the campaign will always lead to them to gain it back and by doing so they will steal money from the budget of our country. It is not only present in the national government but also in the local, it is present in any forms. The question...
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