Reaction Paper: 7 Wonders of the Industrial World

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  • Published : May 6, 2012
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The movie “7 Wonders of the Industrial World” by Christopher Spencer is a film full of great artwork and remarkable engineering from all over the world. From the creation of the ground-breaking Panama Canal which linked the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to the construction of the London sewerage system. These are now celebrated as great wonders of the world - revealing as much about human creativity and the determination of the human spirit as they do of technological efforts. Each of these industrial wonders not only represents a stunning display of craftsmanship and architecture but at one point added something useful and incredible to the world. Each is truly a marvelous wonder and deserves its place on the list. The slowly evolving era became the foundation of their ideas and gave life to these dreams in cement, iron, stone, and steel. The pioneers were practical visionaries seeing beyond the horizon to create an infrastructure that will embody the new industrial age and fulfill the needs of their fellowmen in a more artistic way.

Joseph Bazalgette, the chief engineer of the London sewerage system is a great example of true perseverance and determination as he was challenged to fight for his ability and ideas for 7 years. His proposal to build an underground network that linked London’s 1,000 miles of street-level sewers to extinguished the cholera epidemic that caused deaths to the people was repeatedly rejected by the parliament and thus resulting to a greater epidemic. But due to the Great stink from the river Thames, the parliament realizes that something must be done and so passed a bill that permit Bazalgette to proceed on his plans. Surely it was a crazy idea to build the sewerage system of a state that can take up to 12 years and so, but he did not hesitate and lose to the negative critics of the people instead during the 7 years of waiting, he and his men worked harder to improve every detail of it hoping that the time to put it into work will...
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