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  • Published : May 14, 2011
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Effective Management

MGT 510

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Effective Summary
This proposal addresses that taking over any establishment which is under no attractive Progress, by other well educated, experienced, efficient modern management will definitely bring more employment opportunities and good yield to the employers and the society respectively. One should sacrifice certain stubborn principle such as having a negative attitude that culture, harmony and integrity will be affected allowing the new modern management to take over the old management.

The RDH was taken over by Hotel International a hotel management company to face the existing competition and to have a good market potential in their sales and service. RDH strongly supposed that the takeover by the hotel management may perhaps bring them to the rank one among the other Hotels. The provincial government recognized Hotel International as an organization to take over management of the RDH and help realize the hotel’s potential. But the takeover effected contrary, they failed miserably being the market leader. After the Hotel International taking over the Roaring Dragon Hotel they were not doing well in their business. The effect of taking over is not an affirmative. They had a tremendous pressure to perform among the competition.

Insight Problem Acknowledgment

After taking over by HI, there were many changes in RDH and employees should have to adapt them to the changes and most of them experienced severe conflict. The takeover of RDH was made by a Western International Hotel Management Company. Since there is change in management and insertion of western culture it ended up as a conflict. It is common in hotel industry for such conflicts takes place due to change in culture in the management. When different People from different region come together the possibilities of getting...
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