Rbi on Discipline

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  • Published : January 26, 2012
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One thousand words on discipline, one thousand words on the Army Values, and one thousand words on what being a Soldier means to me, not counting words that are less than three letters in length, which i dont uderstand because they are words too, poor little guys, just cause theyre small , they don't exist? Discipline, this part of the rbi is being written and discussed on discipline. I am condudcting this rbi because myself along with a few other soldiers in the platoon fucked up today and since i am on profile and cannot conduct the pushup and the sittup, my profile states that i can only walk at my own pace a distance for Physical Training, which is now called PRT standing for Physical Readiness Training, therefore writing this rbi is the punishment my leaders deemed neccesary for corrective action toward myself and others that fucked up in the platoon. RBI's are given to soldiers for corrective action sometimes because we need trining on writing essays esspecially if a soldier is getting out of the army soon, like myself, i get out of the army in july of this year therefore i am actually kind of glad that i have to do this becaue i need to sharpen my essay skills anyway, so thankyou. Disciline means control gained by enforcing obedience or order. It also means orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior. Discipline is important in all situations by everyone young and old, big or small, short or tall, white or black, or hispanic, or asian. so any race religion hieght or weight, no matter who you are or what job you have, whether it be in the army navy airforce marines or even if you work at wal-mart, or k-mart or chuckee cheeze, or even mcdonalds, but most importantly in the military, army, and military police corp, discipline is one of the most important traits a person can have. Discipline can vary from keeping yourself from eating the last piece of pizza or doing the wrong thing, such as not going to a class you are told to show up at, (even if you have a valid reson for not showing up and the person your tryng to explain it to wont listen to you and keeps interupting you, which is rude as fuck, but oh well, its the army, what can i say. thats why i usually dont even bother trying to explain myself wheter i do or not i am still going to get into the same amount of trouble because some people just dont give a shit what you have to say when they are having a bad day, i like how when some people have bad days they take it out on everyone else, or when leaders dcide one day to be super hooah when they usually are pretty laid back. thats also one of the reasons that i am getting out of the army, that and at least one thousand other reasons) to even killing someone. Without discipline, the united states army every state in the united states of america and every other country in this world would be way way more chaotic than what it is now, i could not even imagine the world and the army being more chaotic than it is now. Jim Rohn said once, “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” Discipline is applied to each activity in our lives. The discipline in the One Seventyth Military Police Company has been worsening since weve begun reintegration into the United States, personally I believe that has happened because the leaders in the company are not enforcing discipline, mostly because over in Afghanistan while we were deployed we bacame such a tight nit family that we saw eachother more as family than soldiers and non-comissioned Officers. Discipline down-range was still there just not as much as the Army expects it to be. So that being said, I also believe that discipline in this company has dropped because soldiers feel as though our leaders do not care about the welfare of the soldiers, maybe they do but it doesnt show.. Prime example, yesterday SPC Snyder asked Staff sergeant Holenbach if he would give her a counseling on requesting leave and the procedures she needs to follow. Staff sergeant...
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