Rbi Importance of Being at Appointed Place of Duty

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  • Published : April 12, 2012
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RBI: The importance of being at an appointed location on time In the Army, it is common knowledge that every Service Member has to be at a certain location, in the proper attire at least ten minutes prior to the stated time put out by their Team leader, Squad leader, Platoon sergeant, or First Sergeant. When a Soldier fails to make it to that appointed place in the allotted time, their short coming contributes to a mission failure and could show early signs of potential lack of career advancement as well as a general regard of contempt toward not just the squad or platoon, but the unit itself. Soldiers who fail to make it to the location that they must be at in the time given can have catastrophic results to the mission, for example: Preparing to roll out on a mission, all the trucks have had their Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services done, they are loaded up with all the gear, and just when they are about to line up all the vehicles, one of the drivers cannot find his team mate. This soldier asks all of his battle buddies if they have seen him, but everywhere they point him to leads to a dead end. He searches the tents, the chow hall, even the latrine but still cannot find him, until it is too late and they have missed their SP time. Both the driver and the gunner (once he is found) of that vehicle get a severe ass chewing, a smoke session that last about an hour and a half, a negative counseling, plus a three thousand word RBI. The remedial training that was implemented in this scenario could have been prevented simply if the soldier who was missing could have shown up on time. If the Army itself did not have this longstanding custom of having to arrive ten minutes early to any destined location, then most of the work that we do on a daily basis most likely would not get accomplished in the time given to do it, hence why it has been in effect ever since its conception. We strive to get as much as can be done in one full day and when we do not have an...
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