Razors vs. Clippers

Topics: Randomized controlled trial, Shaving, Evidence-based medicine Pages: 4 (1145 words) Published: February 21, 2011

A Critque on:
“Razors versus Clippers: A randomized controlled trial”
Taylor, T., & Tanner, J. (2005). Risk management: razors versus clippers: a randomised controlled trial. British Journal of Perioperative Nursing, 15(12), 518. Retrieved Monday, November 20, 2006 from the CINAHL Plus with Full Text database.

The problem for the article is clearly stated in the introduction. The article sets out to determine whether razors or clippers cause a higher incidence of infection in postoperative clients. The article is based on two variables, razors and clippers, as to which one causes more infections. The hypothesis isn’t clearly stated, but it is assumed from the purpose statement in the introduction. The hypothesis of the article is that clippers are better to use than razors in preoperative hair removal to reduce the incidence of infection postoperatively. The trial was conducted by Tracy Taylor, a Clinical Nurse Specialist for Skin Oncology,and Dr. Judith Tanner, Lead for Nursing Research at Derby Hospitals; two very qualified investigators for the topic. The article did to systematic reviews that examined preoperative shaving; “Preoperative Hair Removal: a systematic review” by I. Kjonniksen and “Preoperative Hair Removal to Reduce Surgical Site Infection” by J. Tanner. The review of these two studies are well used throughout the article and well organized. In preparation for the study, other literature related to the topic was reviewed. The two variables identified in the article are razors and clippers. The dependant variables are preference of preoperative hair removal with razors or clippers and postoperative infections, is clearly identified in the article; the independent variables are identified as razors and clippers. In the article, the client’s preexisting conditions and the type and location of the procedure are not defined as variables, thus are undefined. Though...
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