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  • Published : April 3, 2012
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1 There have been many changes in the recent history of non-disposable razors. These changes for Paramount to deal with include competition, new products, and a change in customer perception as far as grooming goes. While these changes include challenges it also provides opportunity.

Paramount has two steady competitors being Prince and Benet Klein. Two new competitors have emerged over the last few years being Simpsons and Radiance. Prince has been traditionally the industry leader in non-disposable razors. They also are in the deodorant and skin care market. They are more than likely Paramount’s chief competitor in the non-disposable razor industry. They have not had great advances as far as technology or new products in this industry. BK (Benet Klein) has been in this market since 1984. While they have not been in the market as long they have introduced advancements in the field. They are probably more positioned in the higher end of this market. Tempest has introduced a new pivot for razors which is similar to the angle that BK has taken in respect to razor enhancement. Radiance is also new and has a new pulsing razor that is similar to Paramount’s new product.

Customer perception has also changed recently. As stated in the article there is less of a stigma attached with being very well groomed. This would indicate a potential growth in the super premium market segment. Paramount has not been in the super premium segment but is now considering to market to this segment with their Clean Edge product. The competition in this area would more than likely include Prince but they appear to be potentially week in this area as their main product is on the downside of it’s life cycle. Their newer product does not have a description in this article as far as what advantages it has. BK and Simpsons are probably pushing toward this segment but with a different type of product. BK, while spending the most money in advertising has not been able to get their newer...
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