Ray Ban Case Study

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Case Studies
The case has been prepared to help you to appreciate the following: • What is an agency brief and what are its various components • To profile the market Segments and select the most attractive by carefully analysing the interpreting consumer data

• Selection of communication objectives and development of a communication strategy to achieve a desired response.
2.0 Objectives
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Agency Brief
2.3 The Need
2.4 Communication Strategy
2.5 Discussion Questions
In this case an attempt has been made to help you to appreciate the campaign planning process. This case is in two parts. The first part is the agency brief, in which the company has tried to analyze the marketing problem. The company feels that because Ray-Ban is technologically superior in quality, and recognized by the consumer as such, a product change is not required. The brand is seen as expensive, but the same consumer does pay as much of a premium for top-end brands in other product categories. Therefore there is a need.

for the communication to change this
consumer perception.
The second part of the case is on communication strategy as proposed by the advertising agency, has analyzed and described the complete `planning cycle'. 2.2 THE AGENCY BRIEF
Ray-ban was launched in India in mid-1992. Today the brand is doing reasonably well, but still has to cross the main hurdle.
2.2.1 Historical Background
In 1930 the first Ray-Ban lenses were developed for US Army Air Corps fliers - this was the genesis of Ray-Ban's most popular/keystone design known as "Aviato". Rayban sunglasses became the preferred choice of Hollywood stars at one end, and outdoorsmen (pilots,' policemen, yachtsmen, fishermen, hunters, etc.) at the other end.

Technology of B&L
Bausch & Lomb, the manufacturer of Ray-Ban, has been a leader in the designing and quality manufacturing of optical frames and lenses for over 100 years. They follow strict quality and technical requirements –

Case prepared by Dr. Ravi Shanker , professor, IIFT for class room discussion only 17 The Ray-Ban sun-glass must Ray-Ban Sunglasses
 Absorb or reflect at least 65% of visible light.
 Provide 100% ultra-violet protection
 Meet American standards for colour recognition, to ensure safe driving, etc. 2.2.3 The Market
The sun-glass market in India is largely under-developed:
 The organised sector is very small - it basically consists of international brands like Ray-ban (Rs. 1000+) and large local brands like Monalisa and Sunlit. These sunglasses are priced anywhere upwards of Rs. 350.

 The unorganised segment has two types of players:
(a) About 1000 small-scale manufacturers selling sunglasses between Rs.80 and Rs 400.
(b) Dealers and hawkers selling products made in Taiwan and Hong Kong and sold as "Ray Ban".
2.2.4 The Brand
Ray-ban is a premium international brand - it's competitive advantage is derived from superior technology and an established brand name.
2.2.5 The Competition
Ray-Ban in India, competes not with other sunglasses, but with premium brands from other categories. This is because it is not necessary that a person who purchases a premium brand in a particular category will want to or be able to do so in other categories - there is a trade-off done by the consumer between premium brands in different product categories.

What therefore becomes important is the priority of the category in the purchasing basket. Sunglasses figure low in the list of priorities of premium personal products, as shown in table 1.
Table 1: Prioritization of Purchases
Item Rank 1 Not Ranked Mean Score
Camera 22 56 1.0
Designer-wear 18 54 1.0
Quartz watches 17 48 1.0
Leather briefcases 10 65 0.7
Sports accessories 11 74 0.6
Shoes (premium) 6 68...
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