Rap vs Country

Topics: Country music, Hip hop music, Rapping Pages: 3 (1078 words) Published: November 29, 2010
English 101 Assignment: Comparison/Contrast

Music is truly an American artistic creation that all of us should be proud of. Unfortunately, we have two music types which in their beginnings were thought as a “Fly by Night” art. Thanks to the strong support, given by the loyal individuals who started these art forms; we are still blessed with a creative ingenuity of music called Rap, Country & Western. There are many similarities between rap and country & western (C&W). Primarily, the two genres of music have a strong history, different types of their music, and a unique use of the performer and instruments, and at times they both romance the opposite sex. On one hand, the history of rap music began in the early '70s and its origins and influences came from popular African American and Latino Street culture of New York City. This highly original and innovative approach displayed a new expanded function for the MC (microphone controller or emcee) and highlighted amazing percussion riffs and other rhythmic drum breaks from popular funk and disco music. In the same manner, Country & Western music which was originally called “Hillbilly Music” which is a blend of traditional and popular musical forms traditionally found in the Southeastern United States. It evolved rapidly in the 1920s and will celebrate the century mark soon. The term country music gained popularity in the 1940s when the earlier term “hillbilly music” came to be seen as belittling. However, in the Southwestern United States a new cowboy twist was added to this incredible music which later became the Western music of the term Country and Western. It was widely embraced in the 2

1970s but lost its momentum but gained it back in the mid 80’s. Although, histories are strong and different; the two have other similarities such as multiple forms of music. Old skool Rap is...
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