Live Rap Performance

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Dale Browne12/21/2012
Music 101
Live Rap Performance
The live performance I had the pleasure of attending was a good friend of mine Lil Richy and his partner Ricardo Diaz. It was a rap concert on December 15 2012, at 9.00 pm. I wasn’t sure what to expect at the end I was glad I went. The instruments used were drums, keyboard, and guitar. The style of the concert was hardcore rap which had different elements from R&B, pop, and even rock and roll. I enjoyed the live performance, all performers were highly skilled, some of the songs had slow and fast tempo. The first song titled “Show me more”, Jeff the guitarist started playing solo, and another solo by Alex playing drums which he later in the third song switched to playing the keyboard. Then the rappers started improvising more like in a call and response manner, followed by a high pitch from the keyboard, drums and guitar. On the second song titled “Gotta go” one of my friends Marco Babi joined in rapping the audience went ecstatic they started clapping, he was very good, I was impressed I had no idea that he had skills like that every word was related to the next and his overall performance on stage was great. The next song “I’ll see you when you get there” had a fast tempo, complex melodies and was more energetic even the music director was into it. There were lots improvisations, all the performer came to the front of the stage and played every tune lots of intensity in a call and response manner later everyone joined playing smoothly.
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