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  • Published: June 15, 2013
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Mod C Do’s and Don’t Do’s (from previous years’ feedback) 2007 (Internals)
Better responses to Module C questions demonstrated a thorough understanding of the relationship between representation and meaning. Representation refers to the way ideas are portrayed through texts and implies someone’s perspective or their point of view. The better responses demonstrated a sophisticated, conceptual understanding of the module, the elective and the question. Students who achieved a high range result were able to compose a perceptive, considered evaluation of the visual text and connect this to a cohesive discussion and skilful analysis of selected episodes or scenes. Better responses demonstrated a discerning use of texts and a skilful control of language. Weaker responses showed a limited understanding of representation. These responses tended to describe aspects of the elective and/or module rather than drawing conclusions about how the composer used techniques to shape meaning and position the responder in a particular way. Stronger responses demonstrated an ability to:

* write a sustained and detailed response which reflected a thorough understanding of the Module and their core texts in particular * provide an articulate and well supported evaluation of the techniques used to represent either ‘truth’ or ‘powerplay’ in each text * draw fluent and insightful connections between each of the texts and as such construct a cohesive and integrated response * write fluently

* support their comments with pertinent examples and quotes Weaker responses:
* were short and lacking in close analysis of the texts
* lacking in fluency – spelling, sentence structure, expression were confused * were unable to present a detailed analysis of each text * in some instances ignored the question completely

* were unable to make connections of any substance between the texts * failed to support their commentary through examples or quotes * simply...
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