Module a Bladerunner Frankenstein

Topics: Morality, Mary Shelley, Audience Pages: 5 (1702 words) Published: October 13, 2012
Danyon’s Mod A practice response
Analyse how a comparative study identify similarities and differences of Frankenstein and Blade Runner developed your understanding of how composers connect with the values of society different mediums used to express the same concerns. Each medium is used as the popular form of entertainment at the time. Values are different as they evolve due to different cultural, social and historical contexts. In your response you should compare how context and techniques shaped the meaning of the text.

Individually texts are defined by their distinctive form and features but when considered comparatively, texts reveal the the same concerns and achieve the same purpose, however, convey different values due to the differing contexts they’re set in which over time have evolved socially, culturally and historically. Although separated by approximately 164 years and set in two completely diverse settings and context, Frankenstein (1818) by Mary Shelley and Blade Runner (1982) by Ridley Scott are examples of texts which have been influenced by their respective contexts and will use techniques appropriate to their mediums to portray the universal and timeless ideas of humanity and nature. Both texts are cautionary texts about the unheeded warnings of the progression of science and technology on nature and humanity. . Therefore this idea of “playing God” tests humanity’s relationship with religion due to these events. Consequently, the makers of the are blinded by the obsession of science and technology to enhance their need for fame in society. These values go on to question “What is it to be human”. You need to select two to three concerns that you can discuss in relation to both texts. These texts therefore serve as provocative and insightful reflections of their contexts, challenging and connecting with the traditional values of their time. Both texts serve as cautionary tales of their time that show the devastating effects of scientific development on nature and humanity. In Frankenstein Shelley uses her text as reflection of her time when Christianity was the dominant religion in England. The last challenges the traditional values of society. One issue being that science tampering with nature will lead to irreversible repercussions. In Frankenstein, Victor is deeply immersed in his experiment and enthralls the audience through his dedication to the understanding of “the secrets of heaven and earth”. He boasts of his “one thought, one conception, one purpose”. The repetition of “one” shows that his morality has been overridden by that “one purpose”. Victor adopts the power of making life, therefore, he actions are immoral. This idea of possessing such power in Mary Shelley’s time was a foreign concept and it challenged the values of her time. Therefore she connected with the values of society by challenging them. Explain how Shelley was anti- Enlightenment therefore justifying her case against scientific developments such as galvanism. You need to refer to more language techniques. Blade Runner, also a cautionary tale, also shows how using science to tamper with nature will lead to dehumanization and a dystopian society. Explain how it differs from Frankenstein- it is set in a post industrialist world that where scientific development has evolved to encapsulate experiments involving genetic engineering. Tyrell sees nothing harmful or immoral of creating the replicants. The dark lighting used throughout film creates a dark setting and a sense of doom upon the humans because their world is devoid of nature and human empathy. Tyrell’s obsession with science has made him immoral and he is proud of his creations. “[You’ve done] also extraordinary things… the light that burn twice as bright burns half as long. Roy look at you you’re the prodigal son.” What shots are used when this is said? You need to be specific- the medium is film therefore refer to film techniques. The use of metaphor of the...
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