Railway Route Optimizer

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1. Abstract
2. Introduction
1. Organization Profile
3. System Analysis
1. Existing system
2. Problem Definition
3. Proposed System
4. Requirement Analysis
5. Requirement Specifications
6. Feasibility study
4. System Design
1. Project Modules
2. Data Dictionary
3. Data Flow Diagrams
4. E-R Diagrams
5. Hardware And Software Requirements
5. System Testing
6. Software Tools Used
7Technical Notes
1. Introduction To Real-time programming
2. Introduction to OOPS and Windows
3. Introduction to Java
8. Conclusion
9. Bibliography

1. Abstract

Railway Route Optimization System is a product to serve to users who are tourists. The Main purpose of the project is to let the end users or passengers to know the shortest path to reach the destination with in short period and with amount as minimum as possible and as early as possible when more than one Railways route is to there to reach the destination. This optimization system shows the graphical representation of the train route from staring point to ending point, this is very use full in now a days to know the train details i.e. train Starting Point and Ending Point, Starting time and arrival time Charge for A Starting point to Ending Point


Organization Profile


System Analysis is first stage according to System Development Life Cycle model. This System Analysis is a process that starts with the analyst.

Analysis is a detailed study of the various operations performed by a system and their relationships within and outside the system. One aspect of analysis is defining the boundaries of the system and determining whether or not a candidate should consider other related systems. During analysis, data is collected from the available files, decision points, and transactions handled by the present system.

Logical system models and tools are used in analysis. Training, experience, and common sense are required for collection of the information needed to do the analysis. 3.1 Existing System

This project mainly deals with automating the task of the Rail Way Route Optimization System that helps many end-users to know the Shortest Path for their requested route, You can find the shortest path of a train route by manually but there may be problems that have to be faced so to overcome such problems we need to help the Optimization Techniques to know the shortest path If the system is maintain all the details of trains, stations, and route of the trains manually it will take lot of time to retrieve even a single information for a train or route from starting point to ending point it will take lot of time

The Railways Route Optimization has 4 Modules
1. Stations
2. Trains
3. Route
4. Search

Stations module :
This module Maintains the data about station and allow operations like addition, deletion, modification. This module maintains stations tables and fields are station-id, station-name, and district, state. In this table Station-id, station-name is unique does not allow any unique values. For arranging a route Starting station, ending station, via stations are must be registered in stations module, after registration of the stations administrator can arrange the path among that stations. This station module is handled by administrator only, can not handle end user Trains module :

This module maintains the data about trains and...
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