Topics: Occupational safety and health, Initiative, Pollution Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: July 18, 2010
VADODARA: Rag pickers will soon be seen dressed in uniforms, wearing gloves and collecting garbage with Central Board of Workers Education (CBWE) launching an initiative to provide them with health and other benefits. CBWE launched the initiative on Sunday along with two other projects pollution control measures and the grooming of 18,000 bread earners from rural and unorganised sectors.

National director of CBWE Sadhan Ghosh launched all three initiatives at their regional office in the city. CBWE is part of ministry of labour and employment, Government of India, and these projects are aimed at enhancing life of downtrodden as well as working class people in rural, organised and unorganised sectors of the society.

"Our board will work in association with respective municipalities and nagarpalikas. We will also collaborate with local hospitals, NGOs and industries to help in taking the project ahead," said Ghosh.

The board plans to make ragpickers aware about occupational health hazards. "We plan to provide them with uniforms, personal equipment and free-of-cost regular health check-ups. At a later stage, we will help them get in touch with recycling units where they can sell the garbage and get some money. A self-help group will also be formed so that they can tackle their issues independently," added Ghosh.

As part of the pollution control project, areas where maximum pollutants are found in the air have been identified in the city. "We will monitor the pollution level in selected areas in the city. To help in controlling pollution, we would be giving tips to two-wheelers and car drivers on minimising the use of fuel," Ghosh said.
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