Topics: Non-governmental organization, Government, Oxfam Pages: 4 (1105 words) Published: April 17, 2013
NGOs or better known as non-governmental organisations are non-profitable organisations that pursue social aims that involve political aspects but are not political parties. As it sounds, NGOs maintain its non-governmental status by excluding participation from government representatives as members in the organisations. NGOs can be funded completely or partially by the government. NGO is usually run by a specially elected chairperson who is responsible to the operation of the organisation completely. -------------------------------------------------

NGOs can be divided into the ‘insider’ or ‘outsider’ groups. ‘Insider’ groups have the advantage in policy-making as they maintain a close relationship with policy-makers. Such groups are trying to secure their aims and objectives by building up their network from inside and thus, the name of ‘Insider’ group. On the other hand, ‘outsider’ groups are more dependent on the public with the help of media in promoting their aims. -------------------------------------------------

It is said that NGOs are a better channel for society to voice out their concerns rather than political parties. This, we agree. As NGO members are not representing the government and mainly comprise by members who are local citizens on their own, NGOs are believed to give a fairer judgement on issues. This is because, in order to understand a situation, one must be in that situation so that effective solutions can be made and implemented and in this context, it is the local citizens who are voicing for themselves as they know exactly what are the problems the society is facing. -------------------------------------------------

NGOs are flexible in becoming accustomed to local conditions and responding to the local needs. For that reason, they can experiment freely with new approaches and take risks if necessary. They can develop integrated projects to help the local people. Their main aim is to...
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