Ragging: Education and Utterly Materialistic Life

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  • Published : June 14, 2012
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Effects of Ragging – Why Ragging Should be Banned
The ruling of the apex court of the country against ragging should be welcomed by all right-thinking people. Ragging is a bitter experience, which many unfortunate students of our country have to face sometimes of the other during their long academic career. In ragging “fresh students” of an educational intuition are often teased, tormented and even roughed up by the senior students mostly of the same institute under the exercise of “introduction”. In ragging no one knows what would be the extent of suffering for the ragged ones. It can range from some innocent and harm less leg pulling to harsh physical and mental assault. It is this latter type of ragging which is objectionable, abhorring and a matter of great concern. And it is this type of ragging which comes under the scanner of the judiciary which has at last had to intervene to stop this nuisance altogether or at least curb it to a considerable extent. Only the victim knows how painful, harmful, traumatic ragging can be. Often the perpetrators of the crime of ragging cross all the limits of civility and humanity. They will go to any extent to satiate their sadistic pleasure while ragging their juniors. They derive unbound joy when they find their helpless victim totally at their own mercy. They enjoy every moment of the entire show. More the suffering of the victims, the more is the enjoyment of the ragger and the onlookers. The victim of ragging may be subjected to a wide variety of sufferings, which may range from digesting a barrage of filthy language to bearing physical assault of all sorts. Ragging often leaves an indelible unpleasant mark in ones life. It often leads the victim psychologically shattered and physically wounded. There are examples when the victim of ragging, unable to bear the unimaginably pain and shock of physical and mental torture, lost their mental balance forever. There are cases of many bright students who’s careers are ruined...
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