Radio Show

Topics: Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic Ocean, Richard Winer Pages: 4 (1232 words) Published: January 20, 2011
Radio Show Boys Group Ix-B;By Ashish Kumar
Rj: Hey You Guys, Notice What Time It Is .Yeah It Is Banter Time With Your Own Ashish And Your One And Only Rajni Anna. Hey Anna Good Morning. So Anna Anything For Our Listeners. Rajni: Yes! Everybody Good Morning And Good Morning To You Too Ashish. Today I Rajni Anna Waiting To Speak With You. If You Want To Speak With Me Call 999 999 999.And Don’t Forget Rajni Anna Is Waiting. Mind It. Rj:Oh!There Is Our Caller Anubhav.How Are You And How Is Your Politics Going On? Anubhav: Its Going Well. You Can Expect Me The Prime Minister In The Next Election For Class Cleaning. Well I Called To Speak To Rajni Anna. Rajni: Tell Me You Fast Speaking Boy .This Your One In A Million The One And Only Rajni Anna. What Do You Want Paa? Anubhav: Sir Is There A Dialogue For Me.

Rajni:Oh! Sure.When You Feel Lifes Gonna End Don’t Worry Its Just A Bend. This Is True Don’t Try To Find It! Rajni Anna Says So Mind It! Mind It !Mind! It. Rj:Wow ! What A Dialogue Rajni Anna . So Did You Read Todays Headlines. Rajni: Ayo English Only Speaking ,Tamil For Reading Only I Study Till 5th Standard That Also Failed 7 Times. How Shall I Read Paaa. Rj:even Without Education You Are Such A Successful Person And Just For Your Enrichment Of Knowledge,Here Is Some Campus News. Da Da Da Daa Da D A Da Daaa

Presentation 1
Basit:Campus News
1:recently there was a toilet terror attackin our school.our school cbi team is behind to catch the culprits.acp basit has assured of catching the criminalsoon.those who are still in shock call it 6/11 toilet attack. 2:myself,eshwar and ashish are going to attend nie quiz competition. 3:our school was the venue for year 2010 baldiwas cluster meet and our tiny tots performed extremely well. Rajni:Ayo What News Reading First Time Understanding So Well That To English.Thats Off Paa Super Reading. Rj:So Anna Want Know Personality Of The Day.

Rajni:I Heard It Was Our Own Mr Nandlaal Prasad Yadav .
Rj:So Guys Our...
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