Indian Love Leter

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  • Published : January 15, 2013
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Dear : Prema

[pic]You must be surprised to received this PUTHU KAVITHAI. I am your secret KADHALAN and my name is ARUNACHELAM. Thought I am PADDIKATHAVAN .. I am also your KAAVALAN and you're my IDHAYA THAMARAI wouldn't you like to be my parents MARUMAGAL and make me the BAASHA of your life. I am AAYIARTHIL ORUVAN and I'll take you from MADRAS to PONDICHEEERI. You look like PUTHU VASANTHAM most of the time but resemble BATRAKALI from some angels.. ULLATHAI ALLITHA, I am THIRUDA THIRUDA. So don't say IDHAYATHAI THIRUDATHAE to me. Let's paint this KADHAL OVIYAM together. I'll give you my IDHAYAM as KADHAL PARISU . Your father is PANAKARAN and I am MAADI VEETU ELLAI , and he doesn't treat me as MANITHAN. I have all the PURUSHA LAKSHANAM.u know MY KADHAL ALIVATHILAI so i promise u, i will KAAKA KAAAKA u for ever. My love is true, that i will build u a TAJ MAHAL and a KOVIL . So give me a LEYSA LEYSA look for your approval of my love for you. I will DUM DUM DUM you in the future i promise. Trust me I have alot of DHUM and DHILL .. Trust me i will make our kalyanam a DHOOL. I'll tie the MOONDRU MUDHICHI around you and than you'll tie me in your MUNDHANAI MUDHICHI. We'll get on the SUBHA MUHURTHAM and enjoy the SHANTHI MUHURTHAM and create a ALAVANDHAN or a KANMANI POONGA. For NOORAVATHU NAAL ceremony I'll buy you a Kadhal Parisu. I'll promise that I'm not one of those BOYS who WHISTLE at figures. HEY, NEE ROMBA ALLAGA IRRUKURA and i could say more about u but that's not important right now. My heart ALAI PAYUTHEY for you. I will only be ur KADHAL KIRRUKAN .. Ippa naan KADHAL KONDAEN only on you. The RHYTHM of my heart beats only for you. I think KADHAL VIRUS has affected me. Plz accept this YOUTH love. I am ready to save u from any THIRUMALAI. [pic]Unn ragasiyamana MANMATHA RASA

[pic]ARUNAACHALAM. ...Waiting for my SAKARAI NILAVU reply....

[pic]So Prema replies to this letter...........
[pic]I am prema and I had...
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