Radical Recontruction

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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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DBQ Lesson 5

The Radical Reconstruction had a large amount of impacts on the emancipated blacks and the south. The blacks were freed but were still subjected to racism, hate, and inequality. The radical republicans tried their best to fight for the rights of the freedmen, but at the end of the Reconstruction, the freedmen were still treated unfairly. An advantage of the Reconstruction is that it restored the United states into one union. Therefore, there were both advantages and disadvantages to the Reconstruction.

Though the failures outweigh the success, the Radical Reconstruction did have a few positives. By 1877, all former confederate states drafted new constitutions, and pledged loyalty to the U.S. government. They also acknowledged the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments. Reconstruction also finally settled the states’ rights vs. federalism debate that had been an issue since the 1790s.The Radical Republicans tried to help the freedmen by controlling congress, and passing acts and amendments, such as amendments 13, 14, and 15. Which abolished slavery, gave citizenship, and allowed voting to all former slaves. There was also the civil right act of 1865 which provides equality for all citizens of the United States. Therefore everyone is subject to the same punishments. These laws were made, but were not all followed. Though all of these laws were passed to protect the freedmen, the south found ways to go around them, creating the Black Codes and Vigilante groups. The Black Codes were designed to restrict freed blacks' activity and ensure their availability as a labor force. It placed severe restrictions on the freedman's status as a free laborer, his right to own real estate, and his right to testify in court. Most freedmen ended up becoming sharecroppers, which was a form of slavery because they almost never had a chance to be free, because they were constantly in debt. They would get some land from the landowners, and pay them back...
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