Topics: African American, Race and Ethnicity, White American Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: May 22, 2013
A Modest Proposal: Racism
By john jones
In my “Modest Proposal” the topic that I’m going to discuss is racism. Each and every day someone in our world is getting injured or even killed because of their skin color. I hope to point out key reasons on why our society should stop being races and how we can change it. Way back about 50 years ago, racism was a huge!! You had the civil rights movement going on and at that point our world was not the best place to live. You can even include sports into this. The NBA back in the 1960’s was mostly white American players, and they wore the short shorts and there was not much African Americans playing during that time, because of their race. If you look at today’s game I say 85% of players in the NBA are African Americans. Now today the NBA has lost a lot of fans because of the big increase in color people in the NBA, it even goes for the NFL and now MLB, where there are more than just white Americans playing professional sports. Tiger Woods for an example is one of the best golfers of all time and if not the best ever, he has been critzed in his career for his skin color, back in the day golf was a white mans sport and the fans were used to seeing that until that saw tiger. Also in college basketball the University of Michigan was highly critized when the “Fab 4” which was 4 African players that was all freshmen starting for Michigan. It was a big deal off the court because they were black and there hip hop style; the way they talked on and off the court, it lost a lot of basketball fans.

The way people have dealt with this kind of racism is the lost of their close ones due to there skin color, if this recent a murder of a young black boy named travon martin who was killed for being suspicious or being black and wearing a hoodie. Even today people in our society judge others on the outside look of each other, and it should stop. I don’t think you can say racism will ever stop because you can force people to feel a...
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