Will Racism Ever End

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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Will racism ever end?
Every day, hundreds people around the world are killed, because them views or color of them skin are different than others. Civilization and education able to fill up the lack of tolerance and solve the problem known as racism, in fact it had been significant decreased compare to last 5-10 years. To solve problem, we have to glance on it roots, where it was born? Race gets roots in America with a long history. It was created as powerful idea invented by society. It’s an enduring concept modeled American economy, lows and social institutions. The beginning of ideas was in era of European exploration, period of colonies around the world. That time Americans had first labored European servants. Later, Africans forcibly brought to America, that moment status in society was defined by wealth and religion, only. But with time come changes and additionally: physical characteristics such as skin color. With time European labors were replaced by permanent enslaved Africans. Since that moment, whites were on the top and Africans and American Indians below, lower. In 1776, slave holder, Thomas Jepherson , wrote declaration of independence: ” all men are created equal ”. Democratic society was born with major contradiction about race at its core. American Indians, Africans and other races were not equal in liberty as whites. That period of time society was believed in biological inferior of races, accept whites. All this become a reason to more strongly divide people on them races: Americans remove Native Americans from them lands, during II War Americans intermitted Japanese….etc. Today sciences said: we are all the same genetically. New thinking of society making significant changes in this problem and giving hope to be definitely solved. People getting married with different race, running business, traveling, using for social benefit races strongest part and covering weaknesses, society start to accept different races. I believe, in one day...
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