Racial Profiling Against Aboriginal People

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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Assignment (Two Worlds Colliding)
Sociology 212.01

The documentary (Two worlds Colliding) represented a story of “freezing Death” Case. Briefly, on a freezing night of January 20th, 2000, three aboriginal people were picked up by two police officers for no reason and left in a barren filed outside of the city, two of them, Rodney Naistus and Lawrence Wegner did not make it. , As far as I am concerned, this case was an epitome of racial profiling against Aboriginal group in Canadian justice system. The racial profiling against aboriginal people existed in justice system for a long time and is hard to get rid of for many reasons. For the historical reason, First nation people seldom get involved in the white-dominated society. To begin with, many aboriginal people, especially in North Saskatchewan, live in the Indian reserves, which is far away from cities. In the reserve, native people have their own way of dealing with matters, and quite a few of them that do not fit the modern society standards. According to an exclusive Ipsos Reid poll conducted for Postmedia News More than four out of five Canadians don’t want more money sent to aboriginal reserves unless proper, independent audits are conducted to ensure financial accountability. Secondly, 30 percent of the aboriginal population are tax-exempt. In other words, first nation group make less contribution to the society than any other group do and get more rewards than any other race groups in Canada though aboriginal welfare system. Also, the contrary between the extremely low fee on the aboriginal students and the very limited amount of them are willing to receive higher education is very disturbing to many Canadians, therefore, it’s no surprise that many people are questioning is it wise for government to pay huge amount of taxpayer’s money on aboriginal education. What’s more, given certain Indian culture backgrounds, it seems like amongst all racial groups in Canada, First nation people...
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