Racial Profiling

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Ethnic group, Black people Pages: 3 (879 words) Published: November 12, 2012
This paper is going to review recent studies on racial profiling and critiques many of their methods. I will be using the conflict theory to review a number of ways that may explain racial disparities in the rates of crimes. Also I will be using conflict theory to review how it affects people in society. It addresses the major problem of inequality that exists in society today. Racial profiling in America is where those in authority use race factor when arresting citizens.

Racial profiling occurs when the police target someone for investigation on the basis of that person's race, origin, or ethnicity. It has led police agencies across the world to start collecting information about traffic and pedestrian stops. The controversy over this is that all assumptions are race based. One example of this research states that police face the use of race to make decisions during traffic and pedestrian stops. The public is concerned that these decisions reflect racial prejudice, and racism. Many researchers continue to defend theses profiles, saying that they are based of accurate facts (Hersezenhorn, 2000; Kennedy, 1997; Taylor & Whitney, 1999). Other experts have tested the accuracy of these profiles, and still have argued that even if accurate, all decisions based off race is inappropriate (Harris, 1997, 1999a; Kennedy, 1997). There are two meanings to racial profiling. “Hard” racial profiling uses race as the only factor. E.g. an officer sees a black person and pulls him over for a search and pat-down. "Soft" racial profiling is using race as one factor among others in criminal suspiciousness. E.g. a report says that a Jamaican drug lord is driving a Jeep, so troopers pull over black males who are speeding in Jeeps. Even though the driver was speeding, the reason the officer pulled him over instead of the other cars, was due to his race. Minorities are usually the ones affected by racial profiling. According to the public, the war on drugs immediately became a...
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