Racial Equality in America

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Black people, African American Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Racial equality in America

There is a lot different cultures and races in America. Some had brought their culture traditions and celebration to America. In different states like in California, there is the Japan town in Los Anglos and china town in San Francisco and then there is the little Italy in downtown NY. There is a huge varieties of cultures to learn about in America but does everyone get the same treatment when at their jobs or at the restaurant or anyway you go there is always someone mistreating others because of their race. In America there are incredible amount of races and in the past years it is still increase but not everyone in the community have been treated fairly and equally.

Researchers had indicted that the states are separated in different racial groups into communities because some may have felt mistreated and left out because of their culture differences. “Sociologists and policymakers have long viewed racial residential segregation as a key aspect of racial inequality, implicated in both intergroup relations and in larger processes of individual and group social mobility.” In different neighborhoods there is always a part of town that people will never go to like the “hood” of the community where mostly will live the lower class residents that does not have that much of sources to get any kind of education. Most of the residents there would have drop out of high school and try learning how to be independent and earn money at a young age or they will think dealing with drugs will be a better life than to be stuck at school and most of the time these children have no guidance to lead them to the brighter future and to educate them to become a better person. Communities are separated because of the socially and that they can relate to each other. Most of the neighborhoods are separated between the black and whites which may cause a barrier to have equality between these two groups. Once there was a white couple walking out of a...
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