Race and Civil Rights

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  • Published : January 26, 2013
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Rights and Bytes: The Technology of Civil Rights

When speaking of race, it has been a popular factor in our society for centuries. In Steve Olson’s essay, “The End of Race: Hawaii and the Mixing of Peoples”, he discusses human race and its genetic future. He also discusses how Hawaii has a lot of intermixed races and cultures. When dealing with race and what people consider themselves as you can refer it to covering. Kenji Yoshino discusses covering in his essay, “The New Civil Rights”. He states, “To cover is to tone down a disfavored identity to fit into the mainstream” (Yoshino, 479). He also discusses about our how our society is forming into one big group for our similarities rather than differences. People are “changing” their race to fit in for reasons such as higher employment and more opportunities. Using Yoshino’s and Olson’s discussions on covering and race, race is a hard thing to genetically determine so therefore a true race nowadays is hard to come by leaving the U.S with an “end of race”.

When determining race one usually goes by their parents or ancestors race. When a person is mixed with two races they either call themselves mixed or go by one of the races. Olson states, “Many people have considerable latitude in choosing their ethnic affiliations” (Olsen, 260). For example, when a person is filling out a ballot or application it will ask what their race is, if a mixed person puts down that they are Caucasian then they are covering. They are going towards the race that will most likely give them a better chance of getting the job because Caucasians have a higher employment rate. Another example is with a guy named Louis CK, in one of his comedies he talks about how being white is an advantage but in reality he is Mexican. He looks white and has red hair so he can pass as one but that is not his race. He is covering because he can make others believe that he is white just because he looks it. Many people can be doing what Louis CK is...
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