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Topics: Balanced scorecard, Business terms, Thought Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: December 19, 2012

The quality of your discussion is judged according to the variety of issues you address, the depth, logic, and structure of your writing (refer to Article 1 discussion under Lecture 2 material for example discussions). As your discussion should demonstrate the elements of critical thinking, you are advised to refer to the AREA critical thinking framework document (under Lecture 2 material) for further guidelines. The issues that should be addressed are provided in bullet points: Analysis (What’s the problem? – describe the problem)

* Just like manufacturing firms, service firms such as law firms need to keep track of performance. * Computerization has increased the supply of data so firms have to be critical in their approach to selecting KPI’s, which should be in line with company’s goals and strategy. * Information overload is often a problem and important data can be lost in the excess of information * The article also argues that performance should not be only compared to past data but also to data from other companies: benchmarking. (Cast your memory back to article on Budgets, which radically moved from backwards looking approach)

Relate (What do I already know about this topic and how does it relate to the issues raised in the article?) * Dashboards can help reduce the information provided to managers/employees by displaying only the most important information. * KPI’s are central to performance management and help focus on the correct things, i.e. what matters to the company. * According to the Balanced Scorecard, companies should ideally focus on 4 performance dimensions: financials, customers, processes and learning & growth. * This article focuses mostly on the financials and process related measures (refer to the 12 KPI’s) * Measures that could be added to the list that relate to the other two dimensions are customer satisfaction,...
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