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' I could live so easily’ here we see the friendship between George and Lennie and the difference between their relationship and those of the ranch hands.

‘I could stay in a cat house all night' here we get a real insight into the lives of the ranch hands and the lives of Lennie and George.

' We got a future' the first signs of the main theme 'The American Dream' come through here as we see that George and Lennie want to strive towards a better life than one of a ranch hand.

‘We got somebody to talk to’ the companionship between George and Lennie is very unusual in the time period of this book and the fact that they have each other makes them unique. Other characters such as Carlson, Slim,Candy and Crooks all represent the theme of loneliness and friendship in some way.

‘don’t even take a look at that bitch' various messages are displayed in this quote, for example there is a sense of prejudice as George judges Curleys wife right from the start by looking at the way she acts.Also, a sense of foreshadowing comes through as he is obviously trying to stop Lennie from becoming attracted to her as it might lead to a similar event to the one in Weed.

'Get um Lennie, don't let him do it' George has a sense of parental control over Lennie as he orders him to retaliate during the fight with Curley. Also , this shows that  George could not face seeing Lennie get hurt as he has a strong friendship with  him and feels a responsibility over him.

'You crazy-son-of-a-bitch' here we see the frustrations of George living with Lennie, showing that he sticks by him despite Lennie constantly getting into trouble.

' hide in the brush till I come for you' this is a huge quote in the novel as straight from the start it shows that things are going to go wrong for Lennie and George.

' made me seem goddamn smart alongside of him' here George opens up to Slim about Lennie , which not only shows Georges relationship with Lennie but shows how Slim understands their friendship.

'We got each other' this quote is pretty self-explanatory as it shows the companionship even at the end when George kills Lennie.

'I never been mad,' this shows that although Lennie is frustrating, George never really wanted to split from Lennie.

'make 'um stop George' the parental relationship is displayed by this as Lennie looks to George for help, almost like a child wanting their mother.

'smiled helplessly in an attempt to make friends' Lennie tries to make friends with Crooks which represents the theme of friendship but also shows how the prejudice has brought the 'bindle bums' together.

'gonna let me tend the rabbits' here we see Lennie's dream within his and Georges dream of owning a farm and being self-sufficient. The fact that they have a dream together in itself shows the companionship between the two.

'Don't go yellin' he said, and he shook her' the violent side of Lennie is shown here as he kills Curley’s wife, but his innocence is also shown as he doesn't realise she is dead.

'I done another bad thing' the list of bad things is endless and this is the moment in which the american dream comes in to play again as he has shattered Candy, George, Curleys wife and his own dream.

'me an' you' even when Lennie has done a bad thing, he still knows that George is there for him, and he is with George at the start and at the end.

'Le's do it now. Le's get that place now' George makes Lennie think about the dream before he dies, Lennie carries his dream till the end.

'I can see Lennie ain't a bit mean' it is evident that Slim has a great understanding of Lennie and George's relationship whereas characters such as Carlson only believe that is it for exploitive reasons.

'Slim asked calmly' here we get a real sense of Slims personality and how he has a way about him when he is inviting George to offload onto him.

'You lay off me' Slim says this to Curley which brings in the element of conflict into...
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