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Topics: Adolescence, Young adult, Puberty Pages: 5 (1992 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Philippa Schuyler 383 Chelsie Napier English 7H; 8; 9 Monday October 1, 2012 Quotation Analysis Essay

"Adolescence is a period of rapid changes. Between the ages of 12 and 17, for example, a parent ages as much as 20 years." The words in this quote, by an unknown author, invite the reader to take a deeper, more insightful glance into how teenagers set out on a youthful rebellion to grow up too fast and get away from their problems. The words also invite the reader to take a deeper more insightful glance into how parents begin to age as they raise teenagers. Through literature, the author uses the point of view of the adolescent and their guardian to express how they feel as the adolescent ascents into their teenage years and starts developing their own opinions.

An unknown author portrays meaning through the quote which relates to the actions of adolescents as they move through the teenage stage of their life. As teenagers grow up, they face changes in their personal, social, and educational lives. First, they start to act like they are as old as time itself which is normal but can be taken too far. By doing things on their own without anyone's help, they also start to become very independent which is only good most of the time until it starts to get out of hand. Teenagers may also start to think they are too old for certain activities or items. They begin to act as if they are too good for some items or activities which can appear as snobbish to those who are around them. Appearing as snobbish can be a turn off, which causes friendships to be lost and relationships to be broken. This will lead to isolation from others to avoid being heart-broken or hurt. Adolescents usually can isolate themselves for a few weeks or about a month, but sometimes the non-contact with friends or family members can get to their heads making them angry or emotionally disturbed. Yelling, screaming, disobeying, slamming doors all can be the outcome of isolation even to those who you love and cherish. Parents understand that their children can have their bad days but if it continues to be on a daily basis they fear that their child's emotional state will lead them on the wrong path.

The theme of the quote is that you should enjoy your life as a teenager with your parent's guidance. Life is full of ups and downs and we have to make the most of them while we're still young and energetic. Enjoying your childhood will have a big impact on how you are as a person as you get older. Making a lot of friends, trying new things, and just having fun can increase your mood but also how you feel as a person. Teenagers mustn't forget that while having fun it's also important to spend time with your family. As you get older, you will always be treated like a baby till your gray-haired. It might seem annoying at first but it just is a reminder that in your parent's eyes, you will always be a child. Your parents won't always be around to comfort you and take care of you, so don't take their love for granted and treat them badly. Parents are at an age where they may not be up to date with the modern American customs since they might come from another place. The kids are so used American customs since most were born here and the parent just use methods to teach their children how they were taught when they were young. Parents think they are giving us another way to living but they don't realize that some of their own customs are pretty ridiculous and embarrass their children. At this time children just don't understand that these customs are part of you and you hurt your parents by being so embarrassed. Your guardian already has problems of their own and they don't need their children to make them feel even more horrible. Parents will be...
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