Quota System of Women in Parliament

Topics: Politics, Woman, Aristotle Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: October 14, 2010
Quota system are being established in some countries to ensure greater participation of women-decision making The core idea behind quota systems is to recruit women into political positions and to ensure that women are not isolated in political life. Quota systems aim at ensuring that women constitute at least a "critical minority" of 30 or 40 per cent. So it will increasing women's representation in parliament. MOST of COUNTRIES which use quota system is developing countries around africa such as rwanda , uganda and tanzania , middle east , argentina , india ,srilanka and bangladesh , because women underestimated of the culture. Quota are not there to make the equal and balance , but to encourage and fasten the process towards equal number of women and men in politics. This mean that the number of women will increase on its own even without applying quotas for women but it will take much more time since the woman individuals have to struggle for them selves. This is instant way , Quotas provide a shortcut, like most shortcut it provokes some temporary problem , which will be solved when the purpose of doing the shortcut is fullfilled •Quotas are against the principle of equal opportunity for all, since women are given preference; •Quotas are undemocratic, because voters should be able to decide who is elected; •Quotas imply that politicians are elected because of their gender, not because of their qualifications, and that more qualified candidates are pushed aside; •Many women do not want to get elected just because they are women; •Introducing quotas creates significant conflicts within the party organization. When quotas are applied a lot of people may disagree , because women are given preference over men , or because women are selected based on their gender and not their abilities . all of these reason are true and might be happen but it would only be the way in the beginning . at the end women will be much more developed , they would not be...
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