Quota Must Not Be Abolished

Topics: Certified Public Accountant, Accountant, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: October 4, 2011
“Quota must not be abolished.”
(Argumentative Speech)

In the year 2007, Richard Mulato Serrano of Saint Louis University topped the CPA Board Exam with a 94.57% rating. This just means that Saint Louis University gives a quality education for its students preparing them to be successful and be the best in the workplace. Saint Louis University also provides advanced trainings and programs for giving the students effective strategies and enough knowledge in their own fields.

In the School of Accountancy and Business Management, almost half of the population is being covered by Accountancy students who aspire to be the next successful CPAs in their generation. Some people say that they are the ones who make the school proud and increasing its standard. So, the school is trying their best to focus also in this course to train the students. One in which Accountancy students are required to have is the Quota. Quota is a way of limiting the students to test on how high would take their knowledge and understanding about the subject. Students must reach a grade of 80 and above to maintain their chosen course and if not, they will just shift their course into Management Accounting and other related courses if possible. Actually, it serves a big challenge for them because it gives them more inspiration to be determined and having that courage to believe that they really can do it. Although for some, they think that Quota destroys their future. Imagine a college life without quota, do you think students will have that confidence and determination to graduate and pass the board exams? Having a Quota especially in Accounting students provide a high standard not only for the sake of the school but also for the students to gain more knowledge and more experience. If there is no Quota, Students will tend to be easy and just be contented with a grade of 75 without giving so much effort and just taking it for granted. In the year 2009, another student from Saint Louis...
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