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Quiz Example Questions  STRE2010 Innovation & Entrepreneurship  STRE5607 Entrepreneurship & New Venture Management  Instructions:  Please, write your name and student number at the top of the cover page in the space provided.  Do NOT remove the staple. Keep the pages bound together.  This examination consists of eight [8] pages including the cover sheet and an extra page for longer answers  Printing is double sided, so check each side of every page is answered  You may not retain this paper. Return it before you leave.  You have seventy [70] minutes to complete this examination: o Reading time: 10 minutes o Writing time: 60 minutes     Read the questions carefully and answer all questions as instructed. This paper is marked out of 100 for 25% of the overall course grade Questions must be answered in the spaces provided in ink. This test has 2 parts: o Section A is multiple choice mixed with short answer o Section B is short answer

Section A: Multiple Choice Please respond to the following multiple-choice questions by circling the letter of one answer. Multiple-choice and follow-up answers count 5 points each towards 100 possible points on this quiz. Answers with clear and logical arguments that draw on the course material, and ones with more specific examples will receive more points.

0a) Any new product should be positioned to: a. Say how it can personally affect potential customers’ lives b. Say it is high quality c. Say it is easy to use Good

0b) Why?

Almost all products say (b) and (c). No one is going to say their product is low quality of hard to use, so this is just rhetoric. New products should be (b) and (c) anyway, but what resonates with customers most is clear explanation of the value they get from using the product, like saving time or money, spending more time with their families, etc. Better....
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