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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Interview Form in Economics 3.1

Read the questions carefully and tick the blank which correspond to your most preferred option.

1. What products would you like the most for the student marketer-entrepreneurs to sell during the Market Week”? ____a. School supplies (ball pens, paper, etc.)
____b. Food for snacks or recess (biscuits, cookies and sandwiches) ____c. accessories (hair accessories for girls, key chains and cell phone accessories for boys and girls)

2. What will be your utmost consideration in purchasing the product that you want? ____a. quality and affordability
____b. brand and style
____c. extra advantages and benefits which the product can offer (comparative advantage) ____d. convincing abilities and personality of the sellers

3. How would you want them (student marketer-entrepreneurs) promote and sell their products? ____a. Room-to-Room promotion and selling
____b. Via Facebook or Twitter (or any social networking sites) ____c. Creative display of products in the “Tiendesitas” (or small stalls or stores which can be in nipa huts or in front of the classroom) while the sellers are promoting the products aloud ____d. or “ambush selling” (Sellers approach the buyers without warning or notice to promote and sell the product)

4. What values of entrepreneurs would you like the sellers show while they are promoting and marketing their products? ____a. honesty and truthfulness in promoting the product/s
____b. friendliness and amiability while promoting their product/s ____c. persistence and patience in convincing customers
____d. hard work /industry (with eager drive to put up a business someday)

5. As customers, how successful do you anticipate the outcome or results of the “Market Week”? ____a. considerably successful
____b. moderately successful
____c. slightly successful
____d. not successful at all

Guidelines for the write-up (Success of Market Week Report) Individual

1. Begin the report with...
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