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Practice Questions
Chapter 6: Systems Development
Chapter 7: Enterprise Infrastructure, Metrics, and Business Continuity Planning

1. What is the structured approach called for developing software and information systems?
A)Software design
*C)Systems development life cycle
D)Systems methodology

2. Who is the person who typically manages the software development project?
A)Software engineer
*B)Project manager
C)IT manager
D)Technology director

3. In which phase of the software design and development project would you try to understand the proposed project?
A)Planning phase
B)Initial phase
C)Requirements phase
*D)Analysis phase

4. In which phase of the software design and development project would you build a blueprint of the proposed system?
A)Analysis phase
*B)Design phase
C)Requirements phase
D)Development phase

5. In which phase of the software design and development project would you build the proposed system?
A)Design phase
B)Requirements phase
*C)Development phase
D)Implementation phase

6. In which phase of the software design and development project would you take the newly built system and place in operations?
A)Requirements phase
B)Development phase
*C)Implementation phase
D)Execution phase

7. In which phase of the software design and development project would you fix errors in the new built and operational system?
A)Development phase
*B)Maintenance phase
C)Implementation phase
D)Execution phase
8. What term refers to the fast-paced building or construction of a software prototype?
*A)Rapid application development (RAD)
B)Rapid agility programming (RAP)
C)Speed programming
D)Express development (ED)

9. What type of software design and development methodology does Microsoft Corporation employ?
A)Rapid application development
*B)Extreme programming
C)Speed programming
D)Express development

10. What term refers to the end user developing software without the assistance of IT?
A)User development
C)Self service

11. If you the end user participated on a team responsible for defining a prototype for a proposed application, what phase in the SDLC would you be working in?

12. Which of the following occurs when developers and end users add extra features that were not part of the initial requirements?
A)Scope creep
*B)Feature creep
D)Rolling stone

13. In which phase does the project team move from the physical design to the physical implementation?

14. Which of the following methodologies emphasizes extensive user involvement in the rapid and evolutionary construction of working prototypes?
B)Waterfall modeling
C)Project scoping
*D)Rapid application development (RAD)

15. Which of the following IT tools are often used for selfsourcing?
B)Database management
C)Web development
*D)Spreadsheets, database management and Web development are all common selfsourcing tools

16. Which of the following is not an advantage of selfsourcing?
A)It increases the speed of systems development
*B)It focuses on important and unique core competencies
C)It increases end user participation and sense of ownership
D)It improves requirements determination

17. Which of the following is true with regards to prototyping?
A)Prototyping is an iterative process
B)Prototypes are built from business requirements
C)End users review prototypes and suggest further changes which will then be used to refine the prototype
*D)Each of these items is true of prototyping

18. Which of the following is an advantage of prototyping?
A)Encourages active user participation
B)Helps resolve discrepancies among end users
C)Gives users a...
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