Quick Thinking Saves the Day

Topics: English-language films, Automobile, American films Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: November 21, 2012
It was a long day at work and I just could not wait to reach home. I had to walk a short distance to where my friends’ worked first because we decided that we would carpool for the week. Before we even approached the highway we could see the rush hour traffic from a distance, so we decided to take the Old Road to beat the traffic. This road has not been used very often by motorists as there were reports of car thefts, robberies and many other suspicious activities. But I just wanted to reach home quickly because I was exhausted and they had no problem with my idea.

Entering a road that I assumed is the Old Road, it looked very mistrustful and mysterious but I still took it. If I was wrong I would just make a U-Turn and return to the major road. I have never used the Old Road before so I was a little afraid of what we might encounter on this journey, so I told everyone to wind up their windows. While making our way up the road, we spotted rusty old car parts, some burned cars and heaps of garbage along the roadside. Ten minutes later down the road and I was fully convinced that I had taken the wrong road, so did my friends. I made a U-Turn in a side street. On our way back up the road we cud see a man wearing a yellow and orange striped shirt running towards the car. We did not know where he came from but it looked like he appeared from some nearby bushes. He threw a brick through the windscreen and it came caving in. The entire glass chattered and covered the front seat. My friend Abigail whom was sitting in the passenger’s seat got the worst of the fragments of glass. It covered her entire legs and when I looked down there was a lot of blood. Everyone was screaming and panicking and mostly in shock as to what just took place. The man then tried to open the back left passenger door. Luckily my friend Susan, who was sitting there, managed to close it back with speed. As soon as I saw that I knew that something had to be done quickly, so I put the car back...
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