Breaking a Social Norm

Topics: Sociology, Automobile, Walking Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: October 21, 2012
Breaking a Social Norm
For my breaking a social norm, my friends and I wanted to do something creative that no one in my class would do. So in a couple of minutes of thinking we figure something creative. Our plan was to go to McDonalds and use the drive thru to order our order, but the catch is that I was supposed to walk to the drive thru with no car just me standing there ordering my order and when they said to pull up to the next widow I would just walk to the window and pay and walk to the other window to get my order. We did this after the homecoming dance around like 10:40. So I basically I got of the car I started walking to the drive thru and I was basically stuck in traffic. I got behind this black ford SUV and I waited for my turn. So finally it was my turn and I order everything on the dollar menu. But my friends also told me to say “god damn!” while I order something. So I sounded like this “can I get a goddamn McChicken” So the guy said please drive up to the next window and I started walking. When I got there you should’ve seen his reaction like he was expecting a car not a guy walking to the drive thru. He didn’t say anything he just gave me change back and I started walking to the next window to pick up my order. I was so embarrassed by this; I felt that I was doing something out of my comfort zone. Yes I did experience anxiety; in a rate of 1-10 I think I was experiencing an 11! The people reaction was the funniest because they would just stare at me like if I had mental problems. One driver kept on honking at me and yelling “get out of the way you stupid kid” I just ignored him and he just gave up and drove off while giving me the finger. But the reaction of the cashier of the drive thru was priceless like oh my god I just can’t explain it. The people that made me more uncomfortable where the one on Kennedy Dr. When the stop light turn red and all the cars where stopped they all stared at my direction. They probably were thinking what is this...
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