Questions “I Fell in Love or My Hormones Awakened” and “the Opposite Sex”

Topics: Writing, English-language films, Essay Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: November 28, 2012
Mariela Bustillo
Professor Luz M. Tirado
ENG 3103 sec 118
October 25, 2012
Questions about “I fell in Love or my hormones awakened” and “The opposite sex”
1) If you agree with us that Cofer’s essay is amusing, try to analyze the sources of its humor. Why are some passages funny? Some passages are funny because she’s trying to explain this as a young teenager and exaggerates everything the she sees the boy doing. 2) In paragraph 9 Coffer says: “The main privilege of beauty is that others will do almost everything for you, including thinking”. Do you agree that the beautiful are privileged? If so, draw on your experience (as one of the privileged or the unprivileged) to recount an example or two. By the way, Coffer seems to imply that the academically gifted should be privileged, or at least should be recognized as candidates for leading roles in school productions. Is it any fairer to privilege brains than to privilege beauty? Explain, I do believe the beautiful are privileged nowadays. In this essay you see how the beautiful people or the popular get the lead roles. She says in paragraph 9 “the lady was to be a beautiful new student named Sofia” this is one example on how you see they treat the beautiful differently. It is not fair to privilege beauty or to privilege brains everyone should be treated as the same. 3) In her final paragraph Coffer speaks of the experience as a “salute to life”. What do you think she means by that? She tries to explain that with all these little experiences like her first love are all what life is about and she salutes to life.

Questions about “the opposite sex”
1) In paragraph 2-4 Doloff summarizes the essays that the woman wote, and in paragraphs 7-10 the essays that the men wrote. Do you think you would have written something fairly close to the essays he attributes to the persons of your sex? Explain Yes, I would have written the same as the girls wrote because if I were a man for a day I would have done...
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