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Cosi by Louis Nowra: essay titles

1. “Just marvellous, Lewis. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Didn’t think it was possible. Came right out of their shells. They blossomed, blossomed!” ‘It is Lewis who truly blossoms in Cosi”. Do you agree?

2. Despite the comedy in Cosi, there is an underlying sadness throughout the play”. Discuss.

3. Cosi is more than an entertaining comedy. It reveals the sadness of the lives of the characters.

4. What does Lewis gain by directing the play?

5. “You’re sort of testing yourself in coming here.”
In what ways do his experiences in the asylum test Lewis?

6. “No-one’s a success or failure in life”.
In what ways does Cosi examine the complexities of success and failure?

7. Lucy says to Lewis, “Working with these people has changed you”. Has Lewis really changes at the end of the play?

8. Cosi shows that love is a universal human experience”. Discuss.

9. Cosi draws parallels between madness and creativity”. Discuss.

10. Ruth claims, “Comedy is better when it’s real”. How does this statement apply to Cosi itself?

12. “Cosi demonstrates how music can change lives.” Discuss.

13. Lewis tells Roy, “No-one is success or failure”. How far does the play support or refute this statement?

14. “Cosi is a play about the triumph of fantasy over reality.” Discuss.

15. “In Cosi, the quality of the final production is not as important as what happens during rehearsal.” Do you agree?

16. Is Cosi more about love than madness?

17. Why does the audience ultimately question who is normal and who is not?

18. “With someone like you I could be true and faithful”. Is this view of most of the characters in Cosi?

19.In Cosi, Nowra suggests that theatre is more important than mere entertainment.” Discuss.
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